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Geothermal systems

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Geothermal systems

Preventative Maintenance | Repair | Install 

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Learn About GeoComfort Geothermal

This efficient, reliable method for heating and cooling your home uses the natural heat-storing ability of the earth. A simple concept, it makes use of the fact that the earth below a certain depth ( the “frost line”) is a constant temperature of about 50 degrees year-round.

This heat can be taken from the ground and transferred to the air in the winter and transferred back to the ground during summer. Choose Brown Heating & A/C for all of your geothermal system needs.

How Our Systems Work

The elements of a geothermal loop system include buried loops of piping, biodegradable liquid antifreeze, a pump module to circulate the antifreeze and a heat pump.

The loops buried in the ground are connected to a circulating pump inside your home. This pump circulates a mix of water and biodegradable antifreeze through the buried loops, allowing the liquid mixture to absorb heat from the ground as it flows through the loop.

The heat pump takes heat from the liquid mixture and transfers it to the air circulated in your home. To cool the home in the summer, the system simply needs to work in reverse.

Heating and cooling benefits

Ground-source heat is naturally renewable and non-polluting. A geothermal heat pump can move more than 3 units of heat energy for every single unit of electrical energy used to power the system. Geothermal systems can cut utility bills by 40-60 percent compared to conventional heating and cooling.

All equipment is protected indoors or underground, lowering maintenance costs and the single system combines both heating and cooling needs. A geothermal system can have a life expectancy of up to 30 years, with ground loops often warrantied for up to 50 years.
Geothermal systems eliminate drafts common with conventional forced-air systems and can be easily and inexpensively subdivided and expanded to fit building remodeling or additions. There’s no danger of gas leakage or carbon monoxide poisoning with our systems.

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